Big Ups​/​Flagland Split 7"

by Flagland

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It's Flagland's crazy B-Sides

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Big Ups here:
Released on Valentine's Day. Band love
Paul Howells - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered Big Ups side
Dan Francia - Recorded, Mixed, Mastered Flagland's side
Photo: Amar Lal
Artwork: Lily Pollack


released February 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Flagland New York, New York

Rodents skittering across the wasteland floor: that's the company I like to keep.

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Track Name: Ghost Walk
I like the rain 'cause it falls like me
Off of the roof and into the street
Concrete canvas on the sidewalk below
Paint a portrait with the brains from my skull
Do the Ghost Walk
I like legs 'cause they let me run
Away from friends and into the sun
Faster, faster til I burn to a crisp
It's been so long since I've known anything but this
Do the Ghost Walk
Do the Ghost Walk with me now
Track Name: I Wanna Fuck
I wanna fuck! Shit outta luck
Because my pickup lines and moves all suck
Could call my ex begging for sex
But I wouldn't do that 'cause she's fucking cray-cray
Don't use echinacea
Don't drink tea from Asia
And I don't have a Twitter
Store nuts in my mouth for winter
I want it all! I wanna crawl
Up through your uterus and tubes and all
I wanna kill your iron will
'Cause when I think about you I cannot get an erection
Can't get an erection
Hope I can avoid detection!
I can't get an erection
Hope I don't have an infection!
I don't want a mind made of limestone
I don't wanna die and no one wants to be alone
Every little man is a tiny time-bomb
Take a deep breath, get it off your chest
Take a cold shower and call your mom
I wanna fuck! I wanna suck!
I wanna lick it all up
I wanna drink from out your pink
I wanna taste every color of your filthy rainbow
Track Name: Get Off The Phone!
All of you are on your stupid cell phones all the time
I don't give a damn if Christ is on the other line!
Waste your lives staring into that tiny little screen
Every second of every day
It makes me wanna scream like this:
At a show and some asshole is checking his Facebook
So I give him a patented Kerry Kallberg hate-look
"They're playing your favorite song; go snag that video dude!"
It didn't happen if it's not on YouTube