Love Hard

by Flagland

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released February 25, 2014

Flagland is Kerry Kallberg, Dan Francia, Nick Dooley
All songs written by Kerry Kallberg except 'It's Your Time' and 'Not a Joke' by Dan Francia
'Kerry' written and performed by Dan Francia and Justin King
Recorded and mixed by Nick Dooley
Drums recorded by Drew Guido at Let Em In Music in Brooklyn, NY
Additional recording by Amar Lal
Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering in Brooklyn, NY
Artwork by Kerry Kallberg



all rights reserved


Flagland New York, New York

Rodents skittering across the wasteland floor: that's the company I like to keep.

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Finally I know what love is:
It's the feeling that you're being
pulled apart by horses.
I never want to feel that way again,
Although it's the only time I've felt alive.
I want it bad,
But I can't decide if I'm the fool.
It's the unspoken rule;
We're all afraid to call it love.
Finally I know what love is:
It's the end of me.
Track Name: Searchers
Don't talk to me if you're not a Searcher;
I've been a Searcher since the day I was born.
I know I'm never gonna find it,
I just keep searching on on on on on on on on on on…
Don't talk to me if you're not a Searcher;
They are the ones with whom I identify.
We don't know what we're looking for, no,
We just keep wandering and we will never be satisfied.
I never wanted to be a Searcher;
Something occurred that made a hole in my heart.
And now I wander the barren wasteland;
All that I've got is my revolver and electric guitar.
Track Name: Swingin
I wanna laugh. I wanna cry.
I wanna live. I wanna die.
I don't know what I wanna do
but I know I want something.
Two poles pulling me apart…
Watch out when my mood swings.
I wanna spit. I wanna suck.
I wanna fight. I wanna...
I don't know where I wanna go
but I know where I wanna stay.
Two poles pulling me apart
every minute of every day.
I don't know what I wanna do
but I know I want something.
Two poles pulling me apart…
Watch out when my mood swings.
(And) it's about to SWING!
Track Name: Happiness
It's not too late to have it;
Just reach up and grab it.
It's not too late to make it better.
I put my eggs in a basket.
Is it too much to ask of it
That this egg remains together?
Or does it matter?
Can I just get more?
I heard the voice of God;
I was surprised to hear it.
I said "Whatcha doing up there,
Sleeping on the job?"
It said "That's not what I do;
I don't save em I just made em,
And the rest is up to you."
Oh, you...
Good or bad, it doesn't matter.
What matters is the clang and clatter
Of the unstoppable machine.
Good or bad, it doesn't matter.
What matters is you change your manner;
Never good or bad,
Only something new for you.
Happiness is just a word.
Track Name: Waste of Paper
You've got nothing up there.
I've got something for you here.
I'm not your friendly neighbor.
You're a fucking waste of paper.
Track Name: Not a Joke
Shit sucks right now, your life gets bought
And #1 sits at the top
I fought so long I just forgot
An open mind is what to choose
Then everyday you gotta loose
Or find out just how low you’ll stoop.

Life’s Not A Joke Anymore

I’ve come so close to what you’ve sought
As far as advice goes, I’m shot
You crept away, and it caught up
I wrinkle my nose when you talk
I am the person that I’m not
I’m feeling sick as I drop

Life’s Not A Joke Anymore
We started keeping the score and
Who knows what you’ll be in for but,
Life’s Not A Joke Anymore
Track Name: Straight White Male
Straight white male;
I got no problems,
I got no problems.
And I'm well off, to boot!
Track Name: Comfortable Life
Comfortable life for you.
Always a comfortable life for you.
I used to think it was true;
We all get as fucked over as I do.
But now I know
It don't happen to you;
You get everything you want.
But I like my way;
Struggle every day.
That's how I learned how to hunt.
I don't get shit without a fight.
That feels good, that feels right.
We're stronger than them
For all we defend,
And now we're coming for your comfortable life.
Okay, here we come.
Track Name: Monster
Showing her who's in control:
That is the goal.
Just scared enough to stay:
Isn't that the way?
Just scared enough not go:
That's what you do.
Everybody do the twist!
We all saw the bruises on her wrist…
"But he promised!"
We all heard her fall;
You can hear it through the wall.
Now her face is blue,
We all knew
But didn't do anything at all.
Monster. Monster. Monster. Monster.
Monster. Monster. Monster. MONSTER.
Track Name: Shitsucksrightnow
Why does everybody always feel like shit?
Just got a job, and you already quit?
And then, once again, we find our friends.
I would walk a million miles to see their smiles again.
Track Name: Sugarcube
Every sun shines on you.
Every sun, it shines on you.
Every sun is gonna shine on you
But you're still cool.
You're still cool!
Every arm lifts you up.
Every arm, it lifts you up.
Every arm is gonna lift you up
But you're still down
For whatever.
When I'm feeling dark,
You take me to the park.
You're my sugarcube.
When I'm feeling black,
You take me back
To the light of you.
My cup is bitter stuff.
Yeah, my cup is bitter stuff.
Yeah, my cup is full of bitter stuff,
But you make it sweet.
You're my sugarcube.
So sweet, so sweet.
You're my sugarcube.
Because you make me sweet.
Track Name: Time #3
Time aint on your side,
But it is on my mine;
I exist outside.
I'm like a stone
Beneath a stream:
I stand still, right here, as it flows around me.
Have you ever thought that time does not exist?
I didn't wonder till I read Philip K. Dick.
And now I'm at the bottom, watching the frantic fish
Flounder and die.
What is this life?
What is this strange device I have?
It's math.
Time aint on your side,
And it aint on mine;
My pet gerbil died!
Now I could cry
And wonder why,
But as I mourn my loss more time gets tossed aside.
I write songs and they exist outside of me.
That's how I fly in the face of eternity:
They keep going on all the while, as I
Whither and die.
What is this life?
What is this strange device I have?
It's math.
Rise above the bullshit!
Rise above the bullshit!
Ride into the sunset!
Rise above the bullshit!
Track Name: Yr GF
Just saw your girlfriend, bro!
"Oh Kerry, what did she do?"
She was standing still at the back of the show.
"Oh, that kinda bothers you."
I didn't think she was that great…
"Oh, you say the kindest words!"
Until she started talking and I couldn't turn away.
"Oh, you're always such a per."
I know, I know
I'll never make her mine, though.
I know, she's your girlfriend!
Track Name: Greed
Keep a cool head, Kallberg!
You've got what you need.
Any more would be greed!
I guess you could call me greedy.
I've got a disease that I
Think we all have.
Just need an ass to grab…
Calling us pigs is far too flattering.
Keep a cool head, Kallberg!
Don't choke on your lies.
And don't look so surprised
When people believe.
I walk down the street and I
Watch all the meat go by.
But she's my rock!
Yeah: dragging me down, down till I drown!
I'm splitting at the seams
With filthy dreams.
I wanna smear your cream
All over my Jim Beam™
All of the places and all of the faces…
Dresses and hats, sunglasses with flowers…
All of the girls with resplendent curls:
Distracting temptations draining my powers.
Track Name: Let It Go
Let it go? Let it go!?
No I won't let it go.
Everybody says that they can't see what I can see in she.
They say to me that they believe that I should quit!
They all insist she is a bitch; I should desist in my
Persistence of her existence. But I don't give a shit.
Lord help me: I've fallen too hard,
I'm afraid this time I won't get up!
I've been down before,
This time's so much more,
Because it won't ever stop.
Let it go? Let it go?!
No I won't let it go.
I feel like shit tonight.
Everybody says I have a problem; something's wrong with
Me. Well if that's true, the something wrong with me is you!
No one can see what I see in you. I continue to
Pursue, but now it seems as if there's nothing left to do.
Lord help me, they caught me off my guard!
My chitinous armor is (In) Shards.
I take things too far,
That's what makes this so hard,
Hard for me to stop.
Let it go? Let it go?
No I won't let it go.
My hand is off the throttle,
At the bottom of a bottle and
I feel like shit tonight.
Track Name: Kerry
I’ve got a friend,
We work with our hands.
And we march right into the shit
While the truth is told, So the truth is know(n)

I know that
The things you knew
Since day one, will show themselves
On the floor, waiting for you, while your heart still beats
Track Name: It's Your Time
One moment, and one chance to,
cherish this life.
And let doubt pass you,
open up wide.

It’s Your Time,
Live outright.
Don’t think twice,
You can fight.

Everyone forgets what they
Learned when they’re young.
I’m gonna shoot it straight dude,
And you don’t want none.

I know it could never be this way,
but I’m afraid the ship won’t save
another one come undone
crossed the sun, come and gone.
Don’t Just Get By
Track Name: Unfinished Business
Every lyric is a waste of air
When there's no one to hear,
Because there's nobody there.
Your life must be some kind of mess
If you've got nothing to say,
And yet you're out of breath.
I write a song about em and they don't wanna hear it!
Something about the truth that causes people to FEAR IT!
Oh: you stick your dick in her a dozen times,
And I don't get write a single song to speak my mind?!
Reality: too fucking real.
Track Name: Mosquito Bite
Waste. Like a Toaster in a Lake:
Useless but always there.
Big mosquito bite
On top of my brain,
Drives me insane when I think.
Big mosquito bite:
Can't leave you alone.
Guess that's how you've grown so big...